Following the early success of Chrono Collective, I was asked to curate MAYN Creative’s new quarterly zine, ‘Intro’. Volume one of Intro has now been completed and contains the work four separate zines by four respective photographers. All issues can be purchased from the link below, and go towards supporting the young student photographers who are featured.

I also have experience in working on physical exhibitions having led the curation for Chrono’s Foundation exhibition in April 2018.

The show included guest lectures from Sian Davey and Oliver Udy, and brought together the work of ten young, talented photographers who have all graduated from Universities in the South West of the UK: it was an attempt to give back to the community in which we have studied.

Photographers featured:

Alex Ingram

Harry Flook

James Bannister

Ruth Baldry

Glauco Canalis

Giya Makondo-Wills

Danielle Madeley

Josh Adam Jones

Benjamin Cooper

(display images ©Tristan Snow)

Although we have stopped producing the Chrono Collective magazine for now. We continue to share the work of unexposed, young photographic talent through our Instagram page. The latest posts can be viewed below: